Tesco: The Perfect Marketing Arena

During my weekend visit home to see my parents, I find myself sat in Boston’s Tesco Cafe whilst my mum does her weekly shop. To many, Tesco is simply the supermarket they go to to buy their food, however to me it is the perfect ‘marketing arena’.

The thought that goes in to every detail from senior marketers at Tesco is incredible, being greeted by a member of staff handing me a basket to influence my first impression, to having impulse purchases immediately in front of me in the form of quick grab-and-go snacks.

I find myself strolling down the aisles fascinated to watch people doing their shopping, willingly spending their hard earned money without too much consideration. Customers are all too familiar with this supermarket setting, brushing past brand after brand – often that they are aware of through other marketing means (such as TV ads, social media etc).

I then watched as people selected products to put in to their trolleys, and for every 20 customers I watched selecting confectionary, only one customer even considered bending down to look at the bottom shelf. I wonder how many products I miss on a weekly basis simply by not looking beneath my own hip-height! Next time you do your weekly shopping, I urge you to look down – I bet there are many products you’ve never even seen before, let alone considered purchasing.


I proceeded to the checkouts, to see customer after customer pull out their Tesco Clubcard to collect those magic points. To customers, this is them being rewarded for shopping at Tesco. However in reality, it’s marketing – Tesco understanding how you as a customer purchase products, including what products you’ve purchased, where you purchased them, what day and time you purchased them, and even what products you purchased them with.

This is the perfect setting for ‘Marketing in Motion’ albeit often without customers even acknowledging its influence.



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