Humans are weird

Today is my last day in my current role as a Student Recruitment Officer for Loughborough University and I find myself at the North London Higher Education Fair at Middlesex University. 

In my current role I stand behind the Loughborough University stalls across schools up and down the UK and this event has been particularly busy with lots of students wanting to find out about Loughborough University and the courses we offer. 

The title of this post is Humans are weird and this is simply because I find it amazing how as a stall we can be heaving with people all wanting to know about Loughborough one minute and then have no one to talk to the next. As a result, I watched many students all join queues across the HE Fair to wait to speak to Universities who were already speaking to other students – whilst other University representatives remained unoccupied. 

As humans we almost look for approval for lots of our actions, so I guess seeing another student talk to that University acts as approval for you to do so too! 

Interesting how it works as many universities that were unoccupied one minute would have queues soon after, and often from the same people that just joined the previous queue when the other University representative was free and available. Perhaps this links to the importance of word of mouth marketing, as despite the recommendation not being verbal, maybe behavioural actions are playing a part too. 

Let me know of other examples like this you are aware of! 


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